Geelong conveyancing for smooth property settlements

When it comes to property, our experienced Geelong conveyancing team at the Hrkac Group can handle all of the complicated work of conveyancing for you.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to buying and selling property. A smooth property settlement depends on meeting all legal and financial obligations. This can require close liaison between a number of different parties. The parties may include solicitors, lenders, real estate agents and even representatives of local councils.

Our conveyancing team’s expertise and experience in facilitating a stress-free settlement can help ensure a positive outcome for you every time. Changing of names or transfer of title, an application for subdivision, or matters regarding commercial or residential conveyancing. Rest easy knowing all of your conveyancing needs can be handled under one roof at the Hrkac Group, Geelong.

With 30 years of experience in all types of commercial conveyancing, we have the ability and knowledge to navigate complicated processes with confidence. We will focus on your end goal and collaborate with other divisions to ensure a smooth settlement.

Take control of your future today by meeting with the Geelong-based Conveyancers at The Hrkac Group. You can make an appointment today via our booking linkemail or phone us on 03 5224 2366


We specialise in the following areas: 


Our experience in all types of commercial conveyancing allows us to navigate complicated processes with confidence. Backed by our Legal division, our outcome-driven Geelong conveyancers are here to ensure your shop, factory, office space or tenants are handled with precision.

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Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s when it comes to ownership transfers and title name changes is vitally important. Our detail-orientated Geelong conveyancing team is here to handle all aspects of the process and transaction with relevant parties on your behalf.

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Buying Property

Entering, or re-entering, the property market can often lead you in multiple directions. Using our Geelong conveyancing team, combined with our mortgage broking team, can make your entrance substantially less stressful as we empower you to make the best decisions by providing all the information you need in an easy to understand format.

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Selling Property

If you are selling your property you will want all of the legal and financial obligations to be met without delay. Our experienced conveyancers will focus on your end goal and collaborate with other divisions to ensure a smooth settlement.

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We have the experience to guide you through the increasingly popular practice of subdividing a property to take advantage of your land equity. This includes preparing and submitting Plan of Subdivision Applications with Land Use Victoria, which we will oversee so the process is stress-free for you.

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Hrkac Conveyancing team

Meet our conveyancing team members:

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