Geelong Property Title Transfers

Property title transfer involves the owner of a property transferring ownership of the property to another person, often a family member.

Although there is no need for a contract of sale, the process still requires things to be done to the letter of the law. This can be quite complex in some situations. If you’re considering a property title transfer, The Geelong property conveyancers at The Hrkac Group can help.

There are various types of property title transfer.

A property title transfer of ownership between family members is sometimes made as part of the following:

Our team of Geelong Conveyancers at The Hrkac Group can oversee Family Transfers and Title Name Changes, completing and submitting all the necessary paperwork and acting as a liaison between the Titles Office, your lender (if needed), and all other parties involved in the process. To avoid unwanted fees, you need to be aware of the various ways of transferring ownership. The two most common types of property title transfer are selling and gifting. You may have to pay capital gains tax and stamp duty to transfer property titles in some instances. However, you may be exempt under certain circumstances. In order to avoid making any expensive errors, it is beneficial to engage the services of a qualified and registered conveyancer.

Our expert Geelong conveyancers at The Hrkac group are well-experienced and qualified to:

  • Provide the necessary information about the transfer
  • Manage legal documents and processes
  • Provide legal advice so you don’t risk costly mistakes

As well as property title transfer assistance, The Hrkac Group’s Investment Advisors, Business Accountants, and Financial Advisors are also on hand to give you the advice you need to ensure your Family Property Transfer is in your best financial interests.

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