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Let’s discover what success is to you.

Financial planning, legal services, conveyancing, mortgage broking, and accounting, Geelong.

The Hrkac Group brings a unique offering to individuals and businesses in Geelong by providing financial planning, legal services, conveyancing, mortgage broking, business advice, and accounting services under the one exceptional roof. Our multi-division approach provides you with the opportunity to streamline your services into one company, achieving your goals through a more holistic process.

We look beyond the numbers and see you for where you are, and where you want to be. Our outcome-driven approach allows us to be flexible and proactive in the services we provide you, so your goals are always on track. With over a decade of operating together as a collective, the Hrkac Group has continued to push the boundaries and provide financial services that are innovative and transparent, giving us a point of difference in the Geelong area.


History of the Hrkac Group

Since 1994, founder John has continued to evolve the Hrkac Group to include different service areas, starting with financial planning in 2006 when Stephen Gray joined the group as Managing Director of the division. Legal, conveyancing, and mortgage broking followed in the years after to build the powerhouse that is the Hrkac Group today.

Over time, we have evolved as a highly professional, approachable, and holistic financial services firm in Geelong. The Hrkac Group has the tools to help each and every client manage their personal and business wealth under one roof – a truly multidisciplinary team.


The five divisions of the Hrkac Group Geelong are:


Financial Planning

Mortgage Broking

Legal Services



Each division is led by a senior, experienced Director, where a wide range of services are on offer including tax minimisation strategies, succession planning, investment advice, retirement planning, vehicle and equipment finance, and making a Will, to name a few.

Whether you are a construction business owner, a company director, self-employed, or looking to retire we are here to help you succeed financially, so your future is something to look forward to.


Our mission and our values.

The foundations we come back to.

Seeing you succeed is why we do what we do every day. Our team members are dedicated and passionate about helping you achieve your goals, with goal setting being the first step in all our processes.

Once we discover what future success is to you, we can begin to tailor our services to make sure you reach those goals. When we focus on your future growth, you receive a service that is based on our core values:





Outcome driven




Our Geelong community.

The local businesses we provide continued support to:

Newtown Chilwell Cricket Club
North Geelong Warriors