Cuong Nguyen

As the latest recruit, Cuong brings 16 years of experience to his role as Senior Financial Planner at the Hrkac Group, assisting clients to make informed decisions about their financials, so they can better achieve their future goals.

Cuong’s ability to interact with and guide clients through complex topics simply, empowers clients to make better financial decisions. Since joining the Hrkac Group, Cuong admires the collaboration within the organisation and aims to uphold our values of being outcome-driven and knowledgeable so to achieve the best outcomes for all clients by providing exceptional services.

This professional outlook is only one piece of the puzzle that landed Cuong as one of the top 14 Advisers (out of 500 nationally) chosen to attend a Financial Planning study tour in Shanghai, China in 2014.

Outside of work, Cuong is a keen Tennis and Badminton player, versing friends when they dare. Cuong also loves spending time with his young family – wife Thao and daughters Meagan, Evelyn, and Amelia – taking everyone out for a day of exploration on the weekends.

Cuong is very proud to be at a point in his life where he can look back at all of his accomplishments and be blessed to be where he is. “Life is short, live life, be happy and appreciate what you have!”


Areas of Expertise

  • Superannuation and Pension
  • Centrelink
  • Investments
  • Personal Insurance

As Practice Manager of the Financial Planning division, Taylah is well known around the office as an allrounder for all things planning! Taylah manages workflows and staff, implements processes, and formulates client strategies on a daily basis.

After seven years at the Hrkac Group, Taylah really enjoys working in the wholesome family environment we have fostered, and it’s no surprise that her bubbly personality translates well into building client relationships. Taylah loves putting her problem-solving and critical thinking to the test and finds it rewarding to assist clients to be in a better financial position.

At home in the great outdoors, you will find Taylah, her husband Ry, son Percy (and baby no.2 on the way!) bushwalking, riding bikes, and camping on their weekends.


Areas of Expertise

  • Financial planning allrounder
  • Process & project management
  • Strategic development & paraplanning

Keen to learn the practical side of managing money and growing wealth, Leisa was drawn to the industry to support others in their own pursuit of growth. Filing, actioning and lodging paperwork, Leisa is the research arm behind the Financial Services division, assisting in the search of sound investment opportunities.

After starting a career in Psychology, Leisa took a step right early on to land her in the Financial Planning industry and hasn’t looked back since, joining the Hrkac Group at the start of 2019.

Keeping her busy outside of the office are her Husband, pet lizard and pet birds, along with volunteer commitments with the local CFA station. A bit of a foodie, Leisa also loves trailing new smoked meat recipes as well as beer and wine tasting, expanding her tastebud horizons!


Areas of Expertise

  • Investment research
  • Going the extra mile
  • Taking on new challenges

Stephen has worked closely with John since 1994, and merged with the Hrkac Group in 2006 to bring the Financial Planning arm into the business. With his 36 years in the industry, Stephen initially began in the Insurance industry, from which the Financial Planning sector grew to what it is today.

A very different service in the beginning, the Financial Planning of today is one that helps people identify how to achieve their goals through careful diagnosis and strategy. Stephen loves the client facing aspect of his role, using his expert diagnosis skills to help solve a wide range of complex problems for our clients. As Managing Director of the Financial Planning division, Stephen has built the service to be holistic in nature so clients benefit from our Advisers understanding the whole picture before deciding on the right advice path.

A key principle, Stephen and John have built at the Hrkac Group is the family-based nature of the business. With four daughters and six grandchildren (plus another three on the way!), Stephen and his wife Shelly certainly embrace the big family energy. Remnants of their full nest, their two dogs and cat round out the family, with their daughter’s tropical parrot taking a special liking to Stephen, by choosing kindly not to bite him (and only him).

On the weekends, you’ll find Stephen frequenting his favourite Pastry Shop That Place, playing a game of Golf, enjoying a fine wine or tending to his family’s Apple Orchard. Hoping one day to have a recording studio in his spare room, Stephen has played the guitar for 40 years and says his desire is much higher than his ability.

Feeling proud to still be relevant in this ever-evolving industry, Stephen’s rich history gives him the special ability to build wonderful connections with our clients, helping them to achieve their own success.


Areas of Expertise

  • Interpreting client goals
  • Walking, talking Financial Planning Diagnostic
  • Technical knowledge