Cuong Nguyen

Senior Advisor

Cuong brings along 16 years of experience to his role as Senior Financial Planner at the Hrkac Group, assisting clients to make informed decisions about their financials, so they can better achieve their future goals.

Cuong’s ability to interact with and guide clients through complex topics simply, empowers clients to make better financial decisions. Since joining the Hrkac Group, Cuong admires the collaboration within the organisation and aims to uphold our values of being outcome-driven and knowledgeable. In the hopes, he can help to achieve the best outcomes for all clients by providing exceptional services.

This professional outlook is only one piece of the puzzle that landed Cuong as one of the top 14 Advisers (out of 500 nationally) chosen to attend a Financial Planning study tour in Shanghai, China in 2014.

Outside of work, Cuong is a keen Tennis and Badminton player, versing friends when they dare. Cuong also loves spending time with his young family. His wife Thao and daughters Meagan, Evelyn, and Amelia. He loves taking everyone out for a day of exploration on the weekends.

Cuong is very proud to be at a point in his life where he can look back at all of his accomplishments and be blessed to be where he is. “Life is short, live life, be happy, and appreciate what you have!”


Areas of Expertise

  • Superannuation and Pension
  • Centrelink
  • Investments
  • Personal Insurance

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