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The JobKeeper Scheme has now been extended to include any eligible employees who were employed as of 1st July 2020 and are not currently nominated by an employer for JobKeeper payments.

Under the new ‘one in, all in’ principle for JobKeeper, employers must have their new employee nomination notices lodged by August 24th, to be covered under the scheme. This eligibility retest allows employees who weren’t eligible for the scheme initially to be captured and included in the extension.

This retest will allow new employees hired after March 1st, long-term casuals, and those who now qualify based on age or visa status to be able to receive payments from 3rd August 2020 – this is Fortnight 10 under the current JobKeeper Scheme. Employers must pay Fortnight 10 and 11 by August 31st to qualify.

The clock is ticking. You can find more information about this urgent update on the ATO website here or you can call us at the office on 03 5222 2366. IMPORTANT: Employers must provide a nomination form to employees to complete by 24th August 2020 and also have paid their employees the JobKeeper amount of $1500 per fortnight for Fortnight 10 and Fortnight 11 by the 31st August to qualify.