Personal Finance

Vehicle Finance

The Hrkac Group has access to a Car Buying Service for both Corporate and Private car buyers with an impartial, cost-effective, and stress-free solution for purchasing your new motor vehicle. An average car purchase takes approx. 40 hours from start to finish, this service can eliminate all that stress.

The process is, we get to understand the client’s new vehicle requirements and can offer suggestions if required. We arrange a test drive at your local dealership in the chosen vehicle or it can be brought to your home or workplace without any obligation to buy. We handle all the price negotiations with our preferred dealers to ensure the exact vehicle you want at the very best price.

We can sort out your trade-in also to obtain the best price. We arrange the paperwork, car accessories, and registration. We can deliver the car to your home or work and we can take you through your new vehicle. If you prefer, your car can be picked up at the dealership. There are no fees for this service. You pay the best price that has been negotiated for your new vehicle.

Should you, your staff, family, or friends like further information, contact The Hrkac Group Finance Department, on 5221 2355 or emailĀ paul@hrkacgroup.com.au. We have had multiple clients use it so far and it has saved them time and stress and as a result, they have recommended it to others already.