Nick Blignaut


Nick is an accountant at the Hrkac Group, starting his role in June of 2024. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Financial Planning, and is currently studying to become a Chartered Accountant. With 5 years of experience in the field, Nick’s main duties include preparing tax returns, financial statements and BASs, engaging in tax planning to strategically optimise financial and tax outcomes, and assisting clients in achieving their financial obligations and goals. He also provides business insights, aids in account reconciliation, and supports business startups.

Nick loves his client-centric role, helping clients achieve the best possible results. His interest in numbers and understanding the financial operations of various businesses motivated him to join this industry. He finds joy in assisting the success of small businesses and appreciates their contribution to the economy and local communities.

Working at the Hrkac Group, Nick enjoys the friendly and supportive staff, the positive environment, inclusive culture, and great client relationships.

Outside of work, Nick loves the beach, the snow, and spending time with his dogs, Dani (a golden retriever) and Dexter (a Groodle). He enjoys spending time with his friends, traveling, outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and 4WD, as well as playing golf.

Areas of Expertise

  • Tax Returns & Financial Statements
  • Tax Planning & Minimisation
  • Efficient Problem Solver
  • Jack of All Trades

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