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The problem with most accountants is… they’re just accountants. And by that we don’t mean JUST accountants – we mean they only provide accounting services – nothing else.

Everyone, no matter whether you’re in business or an individual, should not see accounting as their only form of financial management.

Most of us have an accountant because most of us pay taxes and need to submit our tax returns to the ATO. But unfortunately, not everyone has a good Geelong accountant AND a financial planner, whose role is to help you achieve your future financial goals, not just go over what’s happened in the past year.

That’s the major strength of our organisation. The HRKAC Group can assist you with accounting services such as financial recording, taxation returns, and tax planning – and we can also assist you in thinking about your financial future with the help of our qualified, professional financial planners.

There are many investment strategies available for our clients regardless of their level of income because financial planning isn’t just for those with a lot of money sitting in the bank, it’s also about giving people on modest incomes strategies to get financially ahead for a brighter future.

So instead of just looking at your financial past, why not look at your financial future with the Geelong financial planners at the HRKAC Group.