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Accountants Geelong – why you have found the right one Are you looking for an accountant? If so, we believe you need a qualified professional who not only has all the financial nous necessary to provide financial services, but someone who will listen. The HRKAC group provides clients with professional and empathetic accountants Geelong who… Read more »


How Our Financial Planners Geelong Can Help You Have a Better Life Why do we need a financial planner? Put simply, to have a better life. We either navigate our way through our own finances to work out the best way to achieve this or, we employ professional financial planners who are qualified, trained and… Read more »


Geelong’s Financial Planning Specialists The problem with most accountants is … they are just accountants. And by that we don’t mean JUST accountants – we mean they only provide accounting services – nothing else. Everyone, no matter whether you’re in business or an individual, should not see accounting as their only form of financial management…. Read more »

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