Angela Dahler

With a history in the banking industry of 20 years, Angela certainly is a lending specialist! On a daily basis, Angela and the Finance team, work to help clients navigate the daunting and confusing mortgage processes so they can achieve their homeownership goals.

Angela’s ability to build strong relationships with clients allows her to assist them in not only obtaining the right home loan but also setting out their short and long-term financial goals.

Between renovating her 6th home, and running a combined, Brady Bunch household of six kids (plus Pepper the dog and Fluffy the cat), Angela certainly celebrates ending the week with her sanity in check! Spending her weekends at various football and motorbike events, Angela looks forward to some relaxing me-time at the end of the week (when she can!).


Areas of Expertise

  • A passion for helping people
  • Good communication and negotiation skills
  • Building relationships
  • Going above and beyond for clients

Simone is appreciated around the office for her in-depth knowledge of the multitude of lending partners on offer to our clients. Her expertise lies in understanding what position clients are in to take the leap into taking out a mortgage and preparing them for what lies ahead.

With her 20 years’ experience and background in the banking world, Simone really enjoys being able to create a positive experience for the lending clients she works with. Liaising with clients and researching the different lending options are a daily task for Simone and the support she receives from the lending team is what makes her enjoy working for the Hrkac Group for the last 12 years.

Keeping herself active, Simone enjoys regularly playing tennis and keeping her skills up at both snow and water skiing depending on the season. Going home to her husband, two adult(ish) kids and two energetic Kelpies, Simone also loves going out and spending time with friends on the weekends.


Areas of Expertise

  • In-depth knowledge of lenders
  • Understanding lending process
  • Client relationships
  • Home Loan planning

Joining Hrkac Group in late 2020, Kelly is well known around the office for her wonderful ability to simplify ‘bank talk’ for our clients. Working her way up the banking ladder for 20 years has led Kelly to pursue a career in Mortgage Broking, after taking the plunge to travel around Australia with her husband for several years.

Kelly loves nothing more than helping clients get into their new homes by liaising with the banks before settlement. She especially loves being part of the phone call to clients to let them know the house is officially theirs!

Outside of the office, you’ll find Kelly playing with Cooper the Pug and Charlie the Cat, watching the Bombers play, or going out for lunch with her friends.


Areas of Expertise

  • Simplifying ‘bank talk’
  • Attention to detail
  • Passionate about achieving goals
  • Home Loan + Construction Loan settlement

Taking charge of the Finance division at the Hrkac Group, it’s no surprise that Paul has an extensive 34 years in banking under his belt to bring our client’s the best lending advice in Geelong.

Paul works closely with his team to foster long-term relationships with clients who are looking for residential or commercial mortgages, or equipment and vehicle finance, loving nothing better than calling clients with some good news to make them one step closer to achieving their goals.

Taking great pride in his team, Paul especially loves seeing clients grow from being first homeowners through to having investment portfolios, knowing that he was able to help them on their journey of success.

Taking a few side steps throughout his career – owning a Jim’s Mowing franchise and passing on an Architecture degree – Paul is now Director of the Finance division here at the Hrkac Group putting his honed management skills to use.

Blessed with two great kids, a wonderful wife, and two Fox Terriers to keep him busy at home, Paul enjoys a leisurely game of golf on weekends and plans to follow in his Grandfather’s footsteps and learn the Harmonica!


Areas of Expertise

  • Approachable
  • Management skills
  • Fostering long term relationships