Tiffany Burns


With Tiffany’s 23 years of experience in Accounting, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the team when it comes to preparing financial statements and completing BAS for businesses. Working her way up from Admin, to Assistant Accountant, to qualified Accountant, Tiffany has been with the Hrkac Group since 2001.

Known as a bit of a jokester around the office, Tiffany also likes to delight her co-working family with some (terrible) singing as daily entertainment. Outside of work, Tiffany has proudly been a CFA volunteer for over 12 years, receiving her 10-year medal of service in 2019.

At home, Tiffany enjoys the company of her 3 cats Monty, Diego, and Rosie and on the weekends, she likes spending time with her family, enjoying a park run, and discovering regional Victoria.


Areas of Expertise

  • Preparing BAS for businesses
  • The finer details on financial statements
  • Singing!

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