Stuart Day


Headhunted to start the Legal division at The Hrkac Group in 2015, Stuart brings his 27 years in the Conveyancing and Legal fields to manage the department and oversee all client outcomes.

After starting his career in conveyancing, Stuart decided the law was for him so worked and studied full time for five years to build his in-depth knowledge across many different areas of the law. Stuart now oversees his team who work on everything from Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trusts, to property law, business sales and purchases, and debt collection, to divorce and family law on a daily basis.

Stuart is appreciated by our clients for his ability to explain complex law situations in simple and easy-to-understand terms and is known around the office as a calming presence and the king of one-liners. With our longstanding history, coming to work at the Hrkac Group every day allows Stuart to interact with the diverse team we have here, so he can be involved with a real variety of great clients from different walks of life. Stuart especially likes working with first home buyers as it’s their first entry into the legal and conveyancing world and he really gets to help people at the start of their journey.

Outside of the office, Stuart is involved with several organisations, being a life member of the Newtown Chilwell Cricket Club, volunteering his services to the Naval Association of Australia, and setting up a charity to raise funds for Depression/Suicide awareness.

At home, Stuart and his partner Janene have two selectively deaf identical twin cats who they gave up trying to tell apart so simply gave them different coloured collars and refer to them as blue and red! On the weekends Stuart loves a game of golf, arguing about sport over a beer with friends, and following various horses in the weekend races.


Areas of Expertise

  • Easy-going nature
  • Explaining complex situations
  • Great knowledge across areas of law
  • King of one-liners

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