Delila Krasic


Another recent recruit – Delila joined the team of highly qualified professional Accountants at the Hrkac Group in early 2021. With her 21 years in the industry, Delila specialises in tax and business advisory services for small business entities, trusts and individuals. She is passionate about building strong personal and professional relationships, and is well known around the office to show the cheeky side to her serious exterior.

The organised one in the team, Delila handles many tax accounting services throughout her day, working with Capital Gains tax, Fringe Benefits tax and GST compliances for our business clients. In both her personal and professional life, Delila values honesty, integrity and commitment, easily building rapport with clients and acquaintances alike.

She may come across as the serious one in the office, but in reality, she is very jovial and can be cheeky at times – look out for those pranks! Delila is always ready for a laugh or to lend a helping hand when and where needed.

Outside of the office, she is a daughter, friend, wife and a busy mum of three. Delila enjoys home cooked meals, catching up with friends and family, a strong cup of coffee and date nights with her fabulous husband (her words – not verified yet!) or she can be spotted sipping an espresso martini or two after hours at local restaurants – do say hello if you see her out and about!


Areas of Expertise

  • Tax and Business Advisory
  • Client Relationships
  • Fringe Benefits Tax

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