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Q. Where is the HRKAC Group based?
A. The HRKAC Group headquarters is located at 201 Melbourne Road, Rippleside.

Q. What type of finance do your Geelong mortgage brokers provide?
A. The HRKAC Geelong finance team can assist you with: Home Loans; Residential Investment Finance; Small Business Loans; Business Startup Loans; Equipment Funding; Cash Flow Funding; Commercial Building Finance; Consumer Car Finance; Hire Purchase; Finance Lease; Chattel Mortgage; Novated Lease; Low Doc Finance; and, Boat Finance.

Q. I am not sure which type of car financing is appropriate for my circumstances. What should I do?
A. Our Geelong vehicle finance specialists will take you through at your car financing options to make sure you choose the option that gives you the best taxation advantages and is most cost effective for your circumstances.

Q. Do your Geelong mortgage brokers deal with the self-employed who may need a low-doc loan?
A. Absolutely. The HRKAC Group’s Geelong finance team are very experienced in assisting client with low-doc loans.

Q. Can I come to see you regarding my Financial Planning needs, even though I have an accountant elsewhere?
A. Yes. The HRKAC Group can provide you with any one service, however most of our clients take advantage of using a range of our professional services to ensure cohesive advice.

Q. What is the experience behind the HRKAC Group?
A. The HRKAC Group was established by John Hrkac in 1994, who had many years experience as both an accountant and accounting firm manager. You can be assured that each member of the HRKAC team has been carefully chosen, not only for their experience but also the quality of their expertise.

Q. I need my Tax Return completed, does the HRKAC Group deal with individuals like me, or are your services more focussed toward business accounting clients.
A. The HRKAC Group prides itself in providing the optimum accounting, financial planning, coneyancing and finance service to each of our clients, both large and small. You can be assured you will receive quality attention from our Geelong accountants.

Q. I’m thinking about purchasing an investment property,¬†what sort of advice can you give me?
A. When purchasing an investment property it’s important to understand all of the financial implications of your decision including taxation, financial planning and loan types. We have experts in each of these fields that can easily assist you with quality advice.

Q. We are not selling a property, but need to transfer ownership because of tax minimisation issues, do we need a conveyancer?
A. Yes. The HRKAC Group’s Geelong conveyancers can assist you with Title Name Changes, Family Transfers, Deceased Estate and any other conveyancing that you may require.

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